About Us

History of Troop 20: Troop 20 is a successful Troop from many years ago. It originally split off from Troop 10. The troop leadership diminished and Troop 20 was forced to disband. They used to meet at Bethany Lutheran Church on Manchaca Road. Then on March 31st of 2000 Troop 20 was reborn and moved with Bethany Lutheran Church to Slaughter Lane. 

Troop 20 is a boy-run troop.

Boy leaders plan and execute their own program, with parent participation and support. New Scouts begin with small jobs under the guidance of more experienced Scouts. As their skills and knowledge improve, new responsibilities are given to them.

Learning leadership skills is one of the most important products of being a Boy Scout. Troop 20 has boys ranging from 11 years to 17 years of age. Many of our boys are involved in additional activities other than Scouting including sports, band, and school clubs. We support the boys and their families while the boys explore these additional opportunities.

Dwayne "DJ" Weakely is our current Scoutmaster.  He has an extensive scouting background and is an Eagle Scout.   Our first Scoutmaster, Mike Peters, has an extensive scouting background. He is an Eagle Scout, the brother of two other Eagle Scouts, son of a Scoutmaster, and has retired as a Cubmaster of Pack 320.  Our second Scoutmaster, David Oltrogge has followed his son from Tiger to Eagle and beyond.  

Many of our leaders also have Scouting backgrounds as youths and adults. We have members of the Thunderbird District Committee, Cub Scout Den Leaders, and many dedicated parents who are volunteers in aspects of their schools as well as the Troop. Adult participation has been an important strength of our Troop.

What is Troop 20 about? Patrols:  Troop 20 continues to grow the Patrol Method. Our troop is a Boy Led Troop. Our boy leaders, the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), get together at least twice per year to plan out our year of activities. The adults are in the “background” to ensure safety and means for the boys to follow through with their plans.

Camping: We campout or campin every month. The PLC has planned our trips in advance. The activities for the campout are also pre-planned.

Boy Leadership: The boys are given many chances to show leadership from Den Chiefs, Patrol Leaders, Quartermasters, Grubmasters, just to name a few. We also support the boys with training. Advancement: While we have many things in place to assist the boy in advancement, we want to have the boy accountable for their advancement. Our goal is to provide the opportunities for Scouts to plan organize and run their own activities, to test and develop their leadership skills, and to take responsibility for their individual and group efforts.

A Scout is Thrifty: We try to teach the boys to be thrifty. We give them many opportunities to earn their own way. We have fundraising opportunities and also utilize an Individual Scout Account for “profit sharing” at a certain percentage.

This is just a little background info about us, please contact us or drop in to visit us anytime to get some more detailed information.